[M] brooks photography - live. inspire. create
Hi!   I'm Megan
I specialize in "on location" shoots in your home or a local location of your choice.  However, I also have a local studio for a more traditional experience.  When I shoot portraits, it's all about capturing personalities and moments that I can freeze in time AND it's about having fun and playing around with new ideas.
Meeting new people and trying new things at every session is what makes photography FUN for me.  Chances are, you are coming to your photo shoot feeling a little uncomfortable, especially if you have never met me. And that's ok! That's why I like to challenge myself to get a unique shot by standing on the roof of my car, climbing a tree or anything silly to make the mood lighter.  One of my favorite things is when a client calls and says I want a session as amazing and fun as what you did for my friend... hearing that, never gets old.
I look forward to chatting with you, photographing you and having fun!!!
511 S. Barstow Street, Eau Claire, WI 54701
Call or email anytime - studio/office hours are by appointment only.